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2023 Gleim Tabbed FAR/AIM

2023 Gleim Tabbed FAR/AIM

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This is the Gleim Aviation Version of the FAR/AIM. 

We are Home of the tabbed FAR/AIM.

Fulfillment for the Gleim tabbed FAR/AIMs will begin the first week of August but we are now accepting orders for them. Please allow for 4 weeks fulfillment time from the first week of August OR date of purchase in August. 

The 2023 Gleim Tabbed FAR/AIM comes with each FAR tabbed that is applicable to the certificate or rating you're pursuing. This product is checkride ready and will make studying for your written and oral much easier. Professionally tabbed with additional stickers located throughout the AIM to remind you what to study.

This product was made for individuals who are working towards achieving their license or rating while getting ready for a checkride. Many flight instructors will tell you that a tabbed FAR/AIM looks great on checkride day to the DPE. Why not have a professionally tabbed FAR/AIM in your possession before hand to maximize your studying and pass your checkride? No more fumbling over your books looking for information. This book will have you feeling like a professional pilot and will help you achieve the rating that you are seeking.

  • Professionally tabbed FAR/AIM
  • Our on staff pilots personally tab each and every order
  • Quick References for the regulations pertaining to Private Pilot Operations
  • 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your order

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