Lively Flying Accelerated Courses

Lively Flying Accelerated Courses

Lively Aviation is excited to present a new service that is now available!

Accelerated flight courses. 

Our first courses we are offering are CFI and CFI-I. 

Spearheaded by our Director of Training Chris Gregg, who is a Gold Seal CFI-I as well as a Medical LearJet Pilot, this program is designed to have you complete your Certified Instructor Certificate within 10 days. 

Two different types of aircraft to choose from, the RV-12 or C-172RG. 

A requirement to begin the course is that you have your FOI and FIA written completed prior to course start. We are able to conduct the ground training either virtually or in person, depending on which better suits you. 

The 10 day course will feature having you pair up with another student that will be your study and flight partner throughout the course. This ensures that you will be learning how to teach as well as learning how to be taught, two important distinctions as a Certified Flight Instructor. 

Hotel discount rates are available. 

Program price is $4,995. 

Check out this link for more information!


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